May all young people remember how smart, powerful, divine, beautiful, good, loveable, and connected they are

Youth Wellness Programs & Benefits

I have offered a wide variety of youth programs, including Teen Nature DIVAS retreats, after-school yoga classes, and customized youth enrichment programs for local schools, home school groups, and community organizations. Programs can be customized depending on your group’s size, needs, interests, and available time. My youth programs focus on empowering activities, including:

  • Building strength, flexibility and peace through yoga
  • Connecting with nature through plant walks and herbal medicine making and wild foods creation
  • Developing healthy boundaries and sharing healthy touch through guided cloths-on massage
  • Promoting self-awareness and unconditional self-love

During these activities, young people often feel: respected, listened to, encouraged to stretch their minds and bodies, affirmed, inspired, safe, and empowered to make healthy life choices. Benefits of the activities include: deep relaxation, an ability to better listen to their body’s wisdom, building courage to state needs including saying “no,” physical nourishment from healthy food and movement, self-care skills that can be used in any situation and location, hearing other youths’ stories, struggles, and successes, and feeling connected to one another and their community.



Examples of Partnerships & Programs

All of my youth wellness educational activities incorporate my broad knowledge of healing arts modalities and self-care tools in a way that supports the needs of your school group, community organization, non-profit, or family.  Whether you’re interested in resources for stress reduction, increased self-awareness, connecting with nature, or anything else you’ve seen on my website, I can create a customized workshop with a combination of activities for your group. Youth organizations I’ve been honored to partner and share with in the Triangle:  Chatham Youth Development Center, Woods Charter School, Clapping Hands Farm Camps, Communities in Schools Chatham County, Raleigh Progressive School, Carolina Friends School, Auldern Academy, Carrington Middle School, Anathoth Community Garden’s Manos Abiertos Youth Program.

My Background

Like many youth, I was not fully conscious of my own worth and goodness, and did not have adequate internal or external resources to navigate the trauma and turbulence of my adolescent years. Knowing what a difference it would have made for me in my adolescence, I am delighted to share with youth the empowerment and self-care skills that I have collected on my personal healing journey.  I have a gift for creating a safe space in which young people of diverse cultural backgrounds, ages, body sizes and life experiences feel welcomed and affirmed. Since 1991, I have had the honor and delight of sharing, learning, and growing with youth across the country and abroad in various capacities: camp counselor, teacher, mentor, tutor, and all-around ally.

Testimonials from youth, parents & administrators

“I recently took a group of 7 teenagers from our youth gardening program out to Kim’s AbunDance Healing Arts Sanctuary. Kim was able to relate to all of them and pique their interest in medicinal plants regardless of their backgrounds. She shared her knowledge in a warm, fun and accessible way, encouraging participation and questions. The kids, although very knowledgeable about growing vegetables, had their eyes opened to the possibilities that plants can also heal us in ways that they did not imagine.”
~Kate Forer, Director, Anathoth Community Garden

“A group of girls from Chatham County Together! attended a Teen Nature Divas Workshop at AbunDance Healing Arts Sanctuary facilitated by Kim. They arrived quiet and unsure of what it was all about. Three hours later when I returned, they were excited and proud to tell me all about their experience–they wanted to come back and spend a whole weekend!” ~Kim Caraganis, Executive Director, Communities in Schools

“After doing yoga with Kim, our teenage students were calm, relaxed and more at ease with themselves.  She taught them valuable techniques for reducing anxiety in stressful day to day situations, leading them to feel more in control of their lives as they were able to make healthier decisions.”  ~ Jane Samuel, Head of School, Auldern Academy

“Kim, thank you so much for everything. Yoga has really impacted my life and I’m definitely going to continue using it through life. You’ve done more good for myself and these other girls than you know. You have taught me a lot about well-being and listening to my body. I really appreciate it. You were an awesome person to get to know.” ~high school yoga student

“Our Manos Abiertas Youth Gardening Program went to see Kim to learn about the uses of medicinal plants. We walked around the garden and learned how to make teas, tinctures and oils from herbs that we tasted, such as lemon balm, holy basil, and St. John’s wort. We learned how to respect the plants for their medicinal values such as relieving stress, strengthening our immune system, lowering body temperature and curing common colds and viruses. Overall, Kim’s calm environment made everyone relaxed and interested in what we were learning about.”  ~youth participants from Anathoth Community Garden

“If I had known Kim Calhoun when I was a teenager, life would be very different. Kim’s loving, accepting, affirmative attitude is TRANSFORMATIVE…if you are a teenaged woman, or if you have one in your family, please consider Kim’s Teen Nature DIVAS programs!”  ~Jaime Powell, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach

“I have great admiration for Kim Calhoun.  She is a wonderful person and a skilled teacher.  I can heartily recommend her Teen Nature DIVAS programs.”
~Louise Omoto Kessel, Clapping Hands Farm Camp Director

“Thanks for the inspirational plant walk!  It really made an impression on the boys.  They are ready to grow a medicinal plant garden!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!” ~Ginny Patterson

“Kim, my daughter has certainly enjoyed your after-school yoga class.  It has increased her awareness of her body posture and helped her with her dance class.  My only suggestion:  I want to take yoga too!”~ Marilyn, parent of Woods Charter School 9th grader

“I look forward to this (yoga) class every week.  It is so refreshing and has truly helped me become more aware of my body and my surroundings.” ~after-school yoga participant

“It’s nice to know I have one day during the week when I’m guaranteed to feel good when I go home.” ~after-school yoga class participant

My Blessing for Young Women

I wrote this piece to my 14-year old self who still needed compassion, love, and celebration. Entitled “My Belated Welcome to Young Womanhood,” I imagined receiving this welcome from a caring community that could lovingly hold and support all its youth.  I now offer it as a blessing for all young women. Read the Blessing…