May we be at ease in our unique and resilient bodies

“Kim is a massage and polarity therapist of great sensitivity and warmth. I am working with her to overcome the painful effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kim’s calm reassuring presence creates a sanctuary of acceptance where it is safe for me to face some of my most deeply personal issues.” ~Anonymous


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My Offerings

Respectful, caring touch is essential to healthy human life and development. It is my joy to share the time-honored healing benefits of bodywork and energywork directly with individual clients and as a facilitator of partner and group learning experiences.

Individual Sessions

Currently all my individual sessions are clothes-on. Depending on your needs and intentions, clients can choose between two styles of session: polarity therapy on the table or barefoot bodywork blended with polarity therapy on the floor (read below for more details on each modality; currently barefoot bodywork is unavailable). Our time together can also include: yoga exercises for home and office, affirmation card creation, stress reduction skills, breathing exercises, identifying additional self-care resources, goal setting, or simply resting and receiving.

I see clients at the historic Nooe House in downtown Pittsboro, 224 East Street, Suite G. Payment installments are available to support affordability. Cash and check are the preferred methods of payment. I offer 75, 90, and 120-minute sessions for $125, $150,  and $200, respectively. Each session includes time to review your health history and observe your current state of being prior to hands-on work, and a check-in afterward to assist with integration.


Guided Partner Massage Session

In the coziness of my beautiful treatment space, learn how to easily give a relaxing massage using your hands (and feet if you wish to share more pressure without taxing your hands and shoulders). I will guide you and a friend, spouse, family member or partner through giving and receiving nourishing touch, personally tailored to your needs. Receivers are fully clothed and resting comfortably on a mat on the floor (which is easily recreated at home). 2 hours recommended minimum length. Couple goes home with written massage flow to consult for ongoing practice. Great gifting idea for mothers and fathers day, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations! Contact Kim for scheduling.

Partner Massage “Playshops”

I offer community workshops on massage and polarity therapy for participants of many ages. In a Partner Massage Playshop, I guide partners through giving and receiving an easy, therapeutic, fully-clothed massage. Receivers lie comfortably on blankets on the floor, while givers use healthy body mechanics to rock, stretch and compress their partner. Participants go home with tools for sharing the healing art of massage with other friends & family.

Playshops usually last 2.5 hours, and people sign up with a friend, family member or significant other. We review communication skills for giving and receiving touch and usually warm up with a brief partner yoga sequence. Currently offered around Valentine’s Day, check my events page for the next playshop. Contact me if you would like to organize your own Partner Massage Playshop for your group or family.


My Approach

I believe in each person’s innate self-healing ability. I am honored to support you in connecting more fully to the natural wisdom, wholeness, and health of your body. My compassion, respect, and delight in all people is evident in every one-of-a-kind session or workshop. People who benefit from my approach: folks in need of deep relaxation and restoration to nourish and revitalize the nervous system, those in times of transition who want the wisdom of their body to guide resolution and integration of changes, people interested in increased awareness and ease in their bodies (can be enhanced with one-to-one yoga instruction as part of session).

My Experience

I grew up in a family that shared lots of healthy hugs and exchanged frequent shoulder and neck massages, encouraging my innate healing touch from an early age. I also experienced the pain and confusion of non-consensual touch as an adolescent, and receiving professional massage and polarity therapy played a huge role in my adult healing journey. The miraculous experience of providing massage to my sister during her 36-hour labor was the final catalyst for beginning my professional bodywork training the very next month.

Since graduating from the Body Therapy Institute in 2003 as Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #4361, I have studied and incorporated additional healing modalities, including five years of Polarity Therapy training, the year-long Mind Body Spirit Yoga teacher training, and introductions to Reflexology and Thai Massage. For twenty years I’ve been blessed to share bodywork and polarity therapy with hundreds of clients.


What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is the art and science of balancing the natural electromagnetic energy which is the foundation for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. As a Polarity Therapist I view the flow and balance of energy in the body as a foundation of good health. The human energy field can become blocked or imbalanced by everyday stress and various forms of unresolved trauma. In a typical Polarity Therapy session, I work together with clients to address physical, mental and emotional energy blocks by creating a safe and supportive environment. In this holistic approach, I blend therapeutic touch, movement exercises, and dialogue that facilitates self-awareness and the building of internal resources.

Polarity Therapy works with a client’s natural self-healing abilities to harmonize the energies of the body. No oil or removal of the clothing is required for this sometimes subtle yet profound process. The results of Polarity Therapy sessions vary, and may include: profound relaxation; increased body awareness; greater clarity, openness, and creativity; plus relief from specific health challenges (ie, anxiety attacks and breathing difficulties).


What is Barefoot Body Massage?

((this modality not currently being offered))
With my feet I can easily share as much pressure as folks wish while they rest fully clothed on a cushioned mat on the treatment room floor.  Compression and rocking can be delivered with broad or focused pressure depending on which part of my foot I am using and where it is meeting your body. Passive stretches are woven in as appropriate and can feel like receiving an enlivining yoga pose. Drawing from Thai massage, Shiatsu, Trager, and Polarity Therapy, it’s a very grounding, relaxing, and organic modality to receive.

Coronavirus Risk Reduction

After many months away due to safety concerns, I gratefully and carefully began seeing clients again for Polarity Therapy sessions once I was fully vaccinated in June 2021. As a health care provider, I continue to wear a high-filtration mask and request my clients also mask during our session with some adjustments made while lying face down if needed.

I have a HEPA air purifier for the treatment room and two windows which can allow for cross ventilation during and between sessions of which I have no more than 2 scheduled per day. Please reschedule if you are sniffing, coughing, or showing signs of illness or have spent time with someone who is ill. Reach out with any questions concerning safety and to schedule a session.