May we be present with each precious moment…

…may our gentle yoga practice help to settle and soothe our nervous systems, bring us home to our divine bodies, remind us of our deep connection to each other, and provide clarity and courage for compassionate action…to practice the yogic principle of ahimsa (non-harming) on and off the mat. 


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***Class is currently offered simultaneously in-person AND livestream via zoom. Please see my classes page with updates, registration, and safety precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic. ***

Gentle Yoga Classes

In 2010 I began my Gentle Evening Yoga series to nourish our minds~bodies~spirits. Classes meet Wednesdays 6pm-7:15pm (at the Chatham Mills Studio AND via zoom) and have become a sweet circle of community over the years, supporting our resilience, steadiness, and connection as we navigate times of immense change, challenges, and joy. Through our mindful exploration of movement and breath, we find balance, flexibility, strength, and ease. Folks of all shapes, colors, orientations, and levels of experience are welcome. My teaching style is heart-centered, playful, and grounded and I enjoy weaving anatomy, easy self-massage, and my love of nature into class in refreshing ways.

Students receive a discount when signing up for a whole session as well as weekly class video recordings. Drop ins are also available with advanced registration. All props are provided; just bring your wonderful self. Please consult the classes page to confirm dates for dropping into a class.

Cancellation Policy & Missed Classes: For students registered for the whole session, I send a weekly link of our class recording viewable for 1 week (helpful if you miss or want to repeat). I am unable to give refunds or credits.


Personalized One to One Yoga Guidance

I offer personalized one-to-one yoga guidance, as a stand alone session of 75-minutes or longer or as part of a longer polarity therapy session. Clients can take home a set of yoga poses customized to their healing needs (we can draw diagrams and write descriptions to use as a reference for your home practice).

When incorporated with energywork, I usually set aside a 2-hour session that begins with 30-45 minutes of personalized yoga instruction, then shifts to time on the table for a polarity therapy session. By blending yoga with polarity therapy, the rejuvenating benefits of all modalities are deepened, and a strong foundation for self-care and home practice is established.

A typical yoga session blends active postures, assisted stretching, and/or restorative yoga, depending on the client’s needs and intentions. Through yoga, less-optimal patterns of holding and movement become more clear, allowing the emergence of new choices for strength, flexibility and ease in daily life.


Personalized Group Yoga

Does your classroom, workplace, or home need an infusion of energy, ease, and harmony? I facilitate one-time and ongoing group yoga experiences for special occasions, schools, community organizations, businesses, home school groups, and families.

No special equipment or big open spaces are necessary for simple movement and breathing exercises—we can even incorporate the furniture in your classroom or office as props so that you can experience a felt sense of how your environment can be a place for ongoing self care. Some benefits include: reducing stress and having fun, great bonding through partner and group poses when appropriate, learning an easy flow of poses you can practice for regular self care and group health.


Youth Yoga Classes

It is an honor and joy to offer skills for coping with stress, building strength and flexibility, and self-acceptance to youth. I have a gift of creating a welcoming space for young people of diverse cultural backgrounds, ages, body sizes, identities, and life experiences to feel a sense of belonging and affirmation. Since 2007 I have offered teen yoga classes at various sites in Chatham County, including Woods Charter High School and Auldern Academy. From 2015-2017 I was blessed to share yoga with the young women at the Chatham Youth Development Center, part of the NC Juvenile Justice System.

My Experience

In my early 20s, reoccurring back pain led me to my first yoga class in 1995 with an inspiring instructor, Elise Miller, who studied regularly with BKS Iyengar. Not only did my budding yoga practice alleviate my physical discomfort, I benefited deeply from this sacred tradition’s guidance for self-discovery and healing on many levels. In 2003, after exploring various teachers and styles of yoga, I dedicated myself to the year-long Body, Mind & Spirit Yoga Teacher Training with Lisa Clark and David Beadle and began teaching regularly in 2007. My training in Somatic Healing, Massage Therapy, and Polarity Therapy also informs my practice and teaching style.