I believe that access to healthy food and healing medicine is all of our birthright. Having grown up experiencing food insecurity, I am passionate about making sure the foraging knowledge I have to share is accessible to folks with limited financial resources.

My plant and yoga classes have sliding scale options (new to sliding scale? check here). Payment plans and some scholarship support are also available—please email me for more information. Black, Indigenous, and People of color are especially encouraged to reach out. I am committed to making sure payment is not a barrier to your participation.

As a white person, I acknowledge with gratitude and humility that much of what I know about our local plant friends comes from Indigenous and Black peoples’ wisdom traditions (as well as working class folks of all backgrounds). Offering scholarships is a small way for me to work towards repair and reciprocity in these relationships.

Folks who can, please give to my scholarship fund via the yellow donate button at the bottom of this page. Thank you so much for supporting wild food and medicine learning for all!