Dear ones, I pray this page* supports us through these uncertain, painful, and potent times. May we take tender care of ourselves and each other as we co-create a new world with everyone’s voice and wisdom, where all our truest needs are met as we remember there is enough for us all when we share equitably. Virtual hugs, Planty Kim 

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Local herbalist friends offering plant remedies for pick up/delivery. Those in bold also offer online herbal consultations:

Herbal wisdom for health and healing from herbalists I trust:

  • Friend and teacher, Juliet Blankespoor, at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine has bundled all of their articles on Herbal Immune Support in one handy hub. She also has wonderful wisdom to share on nourishing wild foods.
  • Anti-viral plantcestors and deep wisdom from layla k. feghali at River Rose Remembrance.
  • Here’s Rosalee de la Forêt’s Herbs for Immunity article, which addresses respiratory herbs and immune tonics, relevant to the COVID-19. And her resource on DIY herbal steams. And one addressing elderberry’s safety.
  • Friend Dave Meesters of Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine offers this document Herbal Recommendations in the COVID-19 Pandemic .
  • Get Rad Boil Roots is a collaborative guide that offers preventative care including common kitchen/home remedies.

Access to Food, Medicine, & Supplies (many specific to Chatham County NC):

Perspectives & Analysis:

  • Yes! Magazine is sharing uplifting stories of creative community responses to this pandemic. You can subscribe for daily good news in your inbox.
  • Friend and fellow foraging instructor Alan Muskat reminds us that there is enough for us all if we share in this article, We Got This.
  • Author Arundhati Roy’s essay The Pandemic is a Portal.
  • More resources coming as I’m able! Do check out my community page with lots of additional links and my Instagram posts where I share inspiration for connecting with the edible and medicinal plant and tree allies growing all around us!