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A group of girls from Chatham County Together! attended a Teen Nature Divas Workshop at AbunDance Healing Arts Sanctuary facilitated by Kim. They arrived quiet and unsure of what it was all about. Three hours later when I returned, they were excited and proud to tell me all about their experience–they wanted to come back and spend a whole weekend!”
~Kim Caraganis, Executive Director, Chatham County Together!

MAY ALL YOUNG PEOPLE remember how smart, powerful, divine, beautiful, good, loveable, and connected they are.

My Blessing for Young Women


We welcome and honor you with Joy and Steadfast Love as you transition into young womanhood, a new phase of life which promises new powers, challenges, and possibilities.

May you be aware of your innate goodness, wisdom, wholeness, health, and complete enough-ness no matter what anyone else thinks, says, or acts towards you.

May you be confident in your thinking and expression of yourself, freely speaking up and out without fear of making mistakes; freely laughing, singing, and yelling loudly.

May you be free from narrow gender roles and conditioning in your relationships, your learning, thinking, working, and living; allowing you to dream and act big. May you witness empowering images of females living fully, boldly, and joyfully.  May you know and be inspired by the rich human history of resistance to all forms of oppression.

May you be conscious of, at ease in, and in love with your beautiful strong body and it’s magical cycles, whatever it’s shape, size, and physical abilities. This includes taking full nourishing breaths into your belly without worrying that it’s not flat enough. Dancing wildly is also encouraged.

May you delight in your blossoming sexuality and have all the resources you need to make thoughtful, healthy, safe, empowering decisions as you explore sexual expression.  May all your sexual experiences be consentual and may you know you have a right to state your boundaries, have them be respected and defend them if necessary.

May you have close nourishing relationships with a diverse circle of other young women, free from the patterns of internalized sexism that promote competition and jealousy. May you rejoice in each other’s accomplishments. May you not feel the need to dim down your beauty and light so that other females won’t feel insecure around you.

May you have meaningful close friendships with a diverse group of young men, allowing and requesting them as allies, being able to see their goodness and the ways they get hurt and struggle.  May you expect their respect and be courageous and compassionate in calling them out when they engage in oppressive patterns. May you know your power comes from within, and not from their approval.

May you have an abundance of positive, safe environments in which to hang out with your peers, have fun, and be yourselves. May you have meaningful, flexible spaces and opportunities to learn in, where young people are appreciated for their brilliance, curiousity, and creativity.

May your family create a safe and loving home to nourish your physical and emotional well-being. May you have abundant adult allies that you can confide in and collaborate with, who can support you unconditionally.

May you maintain your connection to Spirit, to the earth and all beings, and your wonder for this fascinating universe.

May you trust your natural healing abilities, remembering how to stay present and feel all your feelings, even the uncomfortable ones. May you live with an open heart showing compassion, humbleness, patience, and loving-kindness to yourself and others.


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