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“My favorite part of the Adult Nature DIVAS retreat was the authentic sharing and sense of community which happened surprisingly quick given most of us just met.”
~Emily Malpass

MAY OUR COMMUNITIES thrive on the diversity and richness of our connections.

I Love my Community (continued)

All my life, my beloved grandparents D.A. & Margie Calhoun have lived in the woods near Pokeberry Creek where my granddad served as a progressive minister at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church before I was born.  Grandad also worked as the director for the local job corps program, assisting youth in finding training and employment–I still meet folks who benefited from his passion and service so many years ago.

My father, Dempsy Calhoun, a graduate of Pittsboro High School, moved my family back here when I was in elementary school. For the next several years, as dad worked in Fearrington Village as both a studio artist and construction laborer, I waited for the school bus at the end of Launis Street, directly across from Chatham Mills. I took full advantage of my Pittsboro Library card, happily reading most of the Nancy Drew mystery books they had. As my mom, Karen, commuted to UNC for her degree in Fine Arts, I learned to climb & fall out of trees, to make grits & grilled cheese sandwiches.  I taught my sister, Vanessa, to ride a bike, and I won a blue ribbon at the Chatham County Fairgrounds for my canned green beans.  It was great to be a kid here.

I didn’t get to finish at Horton Middle School before my parents, sister and I moved again, but I stayed connected with this community through the years through my grandparents. And now, I’m delighted to be BACK HOME. I returned to live in Chatham County in 2004, and in 2007, decided to move my healing arts practice here to become a more engaged citizen of this vibrant community.

One of my inspirations to come back to Pittsboro was its familiarity even after so many years away--it still feels like home with local businesses and small-town friendly connections, unlike many other NC towns I’ve lived in which have suffered the fate of strip mall-itis.

I am also inspired by the abundance of creativity and sustainability related activities happening in and around Pittsboro today. I love to interact with neighbors and shop for local organic produce at the Chatham Marketplace Co-op located in the former textile mill across from my old bus stop. I’ve been able to take classes in sustainable agriculture, permaculture, green building, and biofuels at Pittsboro’s Central Carolina Community College. I worked for a year at Perry-winkle Farm, learning organic farming methods from Cathy Jones and Mike Perry.

I converted my diesel VW to run on used vegetable oil through a workshop sponsored by the biofuels program at the College. I can fill up my tank at Piedmont Biofuels, while picking up my weekly CSA vegetable share from Piedmont Biofarm. Both businesses are housed at “The Plant”, North Carolina’s first green industrial park, where one can witness living examples of natural building, water catchment systems, a biodiversity pollinator garden, and so much more on a tour through The Abundance Foundation.

There’s the sustainable cinema series presented by the Chatham County Arts Council at the Fearrington Barn where I played as a child before it was renovated to it’s current incarnation.  I can take my friends to the Pittsboro General Store Café to enjoy food, local art, live music, and support various non-profits with burrito bash fundraisers. The list of locally grown goodness goes on…(check out my Resources Page for more inspiration).

These programs, co-ops, local businesses, and neighbors are shining examples of how to build and sustain thriving healthy human habitats. The visioning and modeling of sustainability in Pittsboro and Chatham County has inspired people across the country and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

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