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Kathy at PBO Auto wants to know when I am going to write a book about my life.  Adina asks me the same question every few years.  We met as camp counselors back in 1991.  In my 38 years I have been blessed by so much beauty, magic, heartbreak, and healing.  And everyday there is something new to observe, taste, learn, love, dance, share, let go.

Teen Nature DIVAS from CCT!

Celebrating connections with Teen Nature DIVAS

Welcome to my “Journal of the Seasons”.  It’s a blog where I’ll be exploring interconnectedness and abundance.  That really leaves it wide open since I believe everything is connected: you, me, what’s wild and edible growing in the yarden right now, how community dances are revolutionary and fun…

So check back for seasonal recipes on how to prepare yummy healthy food and medicine from “weeds”, reflections on sharing yoga with teenagers, lessons from my Grandma Margie who lives down the road, and yes, stories from my amazing life.  There will also be a lot of themes I can’t even imagine right now, but you will somehow play a part in…since we’re all connected 🙂

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