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Remembering Dempsey Aaron Calhoun

As we approach the longest night of the year, my thoughts turn towards my Grandad Dempsey Aaron Calhoun who transitioned 5 years ago today.  I recently found the email I wrote to loved ones to express the profound impact of … Continue reading

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Pomeroy Opposum Loves Persimmons (and so do I)

Bedtime as a kid meant Pomeroy Opposum Stories that my dad would weave off the top of his head for me and my delighted sister, Vanessa.  These epic tales were sourced in the many hours he had spent exploring the … Continue reading

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welcome to abunDance

Kathy at PBO Auto wants to know when I am going to write a book about my life.  Adina asks me the same question every few years.  We met as camp counselors back in 1991.  In my 38 years I … Continue reading

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