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“I felt so fed today by your teaching and the amazing food. That wild salad was truly the best salad I have ever eaten. Ever. And I am big on making salads. The greens combined with your salad dressing (also best ever!) was so divine and made me so full of gratitude. My cup runneth over."


MAY YOU REMEMBER that plants are our food, friends, medicine, and teachers.

My Wild Food & Herbalism Offerings

Would you like to re-awaken to the presence and benefits of the green allies growing all around you? Also known as “Planty” Kim, I share my love and knowledge of the plant world in a playful, reverent, and accessible way for folks of all ages: 

Seasonal Workshops, Classes, Immersions

Spring Equinox tree walkExperience a sense of joy, wonder, and connection as the “green wall” is demystified and the plants and trees you see every day come alive with their names, stories, smells, tastes, and uses. Check out the events page for a calendar and details of my upcoming workshops, classes, and immersions; from half day dips to four month dives into the world of wild nourishment and healing. 

Customized Plant Explorations

I delight in creating customized wild plant-centered experiences for personal residences, home school groups, camps, neighborhoods, non-profits, businesses, and festivals. Let's meet, eat, and drink some of the hundreds of medicinal and edible plant friends growing wild all around us. On a leisurely walk we can sustainably gather from the plants and trees to create an herbal tea or wild food to enjoy together. 

Meredith College nutrition workshop at AHA sanctuary

My most popular personalized plant experience is for folks curious about what wild food and medicine are growing in their own backyard, land, or neighborhood. I can come help you identify and safely appreciate some of your free forageable flora during these "Wild Backyard Rambles" ranging from 2 hours to longer learning journeys.

Other past examples of custom plant explorations include: hosting fieldtrips for Meredith College's graduate nutrition program, leading a Mother's Day neighborhood plant walk for a group of moms in Raleigh (a gift from their kids), and speaking at a mini winter wellness workshop over lunch for a local nonprofit sharing herbal approaches for health (with lots of samping homemade tinctures, syrups, and other DIY plant medicines).

Find a gift certificate for a 2-hour personalized wild plant ramble below, a unique way to celebrate a special person, event, or holiday. For more information on customized plant explorations including times and fees, please contact me directly.

Give the gift of a wild plant backyard ramble!
Buy online and receive a beautiful gift certificate via email or snailmail. 

Bodywork Gift Certificate

2-hour personalized walk $150 


honeysuckle flower infusion

My Approach and Experience

Growing up, I was blessed to dig up sassafras roots to make cleansing teas with my great-grandmother Rena Midgett, and begin learning the gifts of the trees from my granddad D.A. Calhoun and father, Dempsy Calhoun.

One of my earliest healing memories is of my mother, Karen, using the leaf from an aloe vera plant growing in our home to treat a burn on my body—as a small child that made a huge impression on me. As an adult, plant medicine gained my full confidence when, living in Ghana, West Africa, I was successfully cured of malaria by medicines my host family made from the Neem tree.

My nine year apprenticeship with respected herbalist Suki Roth at Herb Haven deeply informed my wisdom of our plant allies.  Frank Cook, a global emissary and educator of the plants, continues to inspire my relationship with the green world. 

I was blessed to facilitate plant classes at Central Carolina Community College every spring and fall from 2011-2016. From 2009 - 2013 I had the pleasure to co-lead a biannual Wild Walkabout with my friend Leif Diamant at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Music & Dance Festival.  Thanks to Abundance NC for helping me kick off my DIY plant medicine workshops back in 2008. And what an honor to offer tree classes for several years at the UNC Botanical Garden. Stay tuned for the re-launch of my popular Back to Our Roots Women's Herbal Immersion.

wild spring greensThe Power of Plants

We humans have evolved with the plants, and our lives are completely interdependent. Wherever our families originated on this astounding earth, plants were our original medicine. According to the World Health Organization, a majority of the planet’s peoples still use herbal remedies as their primary health care and medicine. Many U.S. Americans were still connected to this wisdom just a few generations ago: my great-grandmother Bessie Murray Farmer raised and healed her 15 children using folk medicine and the support of other working class folks in her rural community, including Mrs. Whitaker, a black midwife.

There are natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, processed foods, and doctor visits for minor ailments, and some of them are growing wild in your backyard, local fields, woods, even in the cracks in the sidewalks! 


"Whether on a herb walk or in a herbal workshop, Kim's deep connection to the plant world will fill you with wonder and nourish all your senses." ~Suki Roth, Community Herbalist

“Hi Kim, We thoroughly enjoyed our plant walk on Saturday!!! We ate redbuds and made wysteria flower water later in the day! The girls were careful to speak to the plants and say "please and thank you." :-) Upon reflection, I realize that I seem to distrust eating things I find in nature...That's why joining you on your walk was so enjoyable....almost an epiphany.” ~Mark

“Kim Calhoun knows how to celebrate our Piedmont habitats, joining exuberance with scholarship cultivated from all over North Carolina and beyond. A true Chatham native, Kim Calhoun has a rare depth of botanical and ethnographic knowledge from both traditional and academic sources. This course should be taken in every season.” ~George Pauly

Kim has conducted several workshops for my students over the years. She does a wonderful job at tailoring each one to the needs of the students and our educational goals. Her workshops are thoroughly planned, engaging, and hands on. Kim possesses a natural ability to connect with all types of learners and has a knack for making people feel comfortable and welcome and, thus, ready to learn. Her workshops are fascinating and fun. After each workshop, I’ve had students tell me that it was the “best educational field trip they’ve ever experienced.” ~Bill Landis, PhD, RD, Meredith College

Planty Kim's Famous Wild Greens Pesto Recipe

Delicious and nutritious pesto year round! (PDF)